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OnTap, a Colorado corporation, has developed revolutionary tools for the Liquor/Beer/& Wine Industry, based on years of personal experience with all levels of it: liquor sales and distribution, point-of-sale system development, and retail liquor store ownership.  This first hand experience became the foundation for multi-year process of planning and developing OASIS (Online Alcohol Sales Information System), with an integrated point of sale system for retailers.

OASIS = The liquor industry’s only online catalog of all liquor products with instant pricing information
 + a multi-distributor ordering system!

For Retailers

For retailers OASIS allows search ability through multiple distributor’s databases, giving essential current ordering (“deals”) information, showing who distributes special order customer’s requested products and pricing info.

Imagine having the best and most knowledgeable salesman at your fingertips, all day, every day, instantly. That’s OASIS. The person who used to take your order can now be your assistant for special events & staff development.

OASIS orders can be created over time, and placed with various distributors
when complete, at any time of day.