Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service

Advantages to Retailers

  • Receive instant product information synthesized from participating distributors.
  • Organize orders from multiple distributors as needs become apparent, saving managerial time, keeping orders within budget.
  • Compare products in categories by price, with up-to-date info on special promotions or Hot Deals by distributors & everyday standard pricing.
  • Respond quickly to market trends.
  • Learn about new products as soon as they’re available.
  • Search for products by brand, description, type, price or price range, size, distributor, or origin (alone or in combination).
  • Take advantage of distributors’ time-sensitive Hot Deals.
  • Receive and respond to time-sensitive industry information, enabling efficient lobbying by large numbers of retailers, protecting your livelihood.
  • Increase customer service by knowing how and when you can supply special orders, building customer loyalty.
  • Product knowledge in seconds makes YOU and your staff the experts.
  • Link to supplier websites for more specific product information.
  • Low subscription cost to use OASIS easily recovered in special order fulfillment.
  • Build customer base, improve your bottom line, make all your customers loyal.